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ISBN 978-9945-9327-0-6

The Brave Sea Turtle

Autor:Menard, Lise
Editorial:Mi Mar Maravilloso EIRL
Materia:Literatura infantil
Clasificación:Especies en peligro de extinción y la extinción de especies
Público objetivo:Infantil / Juvenil
Número de edición:1
Número de páginas:48
Encuadernación:Tapa dura o cartoné


Filled with joy and trepidation after her long migratory journey, Cacú the leatherback turtle, finally arrives at Manresa beach where she was born many, many years ago. Shock and fear run through her body as she discovers that nothing is the same as she remembers it!

Fortunately for Cacú, three hermit crabs named Marvin, Yoli and Pepín, befriend her and offer to help her navigate these changing times. Strengthened by their presence and the advice of some of her oceanic pals, Cacú sets forth to accomplish the most important job in her life.

Will she find the courage and be brave enough to face the unknown?

Inspired by a true story, this is a tale of courage and triumph that teaches children the importance of overcoming obstacles they once thought were impossible.

Your purchase of this book helps support the turtle hatchling rescue programs in the Dominican Republic. Located in different communities around the coast, dozens of dedicated men and women help protect the marine turtles, fostering sustainable use of marine ecosystems and coastal resources throughout this Caribbean nation. These programs directly help the survival of thousands of turtle hatchlings each year.


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